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released December 1, 2010



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BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Should I Buy It Or Sell It?
The warm Tuscan air gave us the chance to climb up top the trailer. Friends laughed, ate, and looked towards the stars that evening. The camcorder missing the best part of that night. So many things went wrong and much to fix. It was all the best. Spring Break two thousand seven.
Track Name: Buds & Nugs: The In-Depth Autobiography Of Mules, Chapter II.
Roaming around, upside down, looking for answers that haven't been found out. Sight is lost, but our love's still there. We still pretend like we're not scared... break hold. This is what friends are for.
Track Name: Cowboy Bebop Knows Best...
"We lost our place in the world like kites without strings or tails. And it's true all of us are really confused."
Track Name: ... This Moment
You say, "Close your eyes." but I don't want to sleep. I get the feeling you want me to waste my time, to lose this moment. I realize this six slow breaths in, half opened eyed, and your voice a murmur about a forgotten photograph.
Track Name: Manzano St. NE (Newdest Beach)
My bare feet on the asphalt pushing through the puddles. Let the rain come down and fill the streets. Keep the sky grey and the air chilled. Our new playground, I'll stay here wet and weightless. I'll make this wood and debris into a boat and sail faster than the current. Don't be scared to grab my hard and run. These droplets not resemble my face...
Track Name: Relocation Was Bound To Happen
You know most of my smiles but I think it's time for a change. There will always be the lovely scenery which I've come to love and explore, but I don't feel the same when I'm "home". I need to move, need to leave this town.
Track Name: Jared Ch-ya-vezzz.
Slumped on the concrete sidewalk outside my building. It's cold and there's comfort in this cigarette. As the smoke twirls around my head I exhale... I know I'm failing. Five minutes from losing, half-an-hour from broken.
Track Name: She Spells It With One L.
A billion city lights. I never thought I would be so awe struck by light pollution. Do you remember how it used to feel? I remember how I used to feel, because there's still a part of me on that hillside. I found you beautiful. You took me to the tram and I can safely say, Albuquerque never looked better to me.
Track Name: Hey, Did Arthur Ever Get With Sue-Ellen?
When we kiss it's a kiss; it's the only one I know. It's true you know my body, you know it goddamn well. Time to part, time to be. But, I miss the level of comfort, security, and... I miss the physical. When we'd kiss our tongues touched and I liked it.
Track Name: Ristra Roto Es Mi Vida.
The sound of children playing seeps through my window and wakes me from dreaming. A pause for nostalgia and thought of simpler days well the wind picks up. Outside my windows there hands a broken rista. Looking towards the ground where the seeds rest and I wish I could lay there too, Start the twenty hour shift that is my day because I don't sleep well anymore. to be a broken rista. This is all I know, now I know no more.