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by Alessa/Parrhesia

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released December 1, 2010


tags: punk Boston


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BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Alessa - 10209
The optimist stand tall, and swats away all attempts to reach. Eyes wide, smoke billows from an open mouth. "You've spent too long in my shadow. There is no safety left I can provide for you." So unchanged, but unbroken, we covered our heads and ran into the coming months. Our fear, our fear of the words: It was only tumor in our throats.
Track Name: Alessa - Cracked Out Reality
...and I'm taken back at the thought that this is what you wanted. I've seen entire conversations dissolve into mirrors. We mock our own identities, and only speak up when we sleep: A few lonely hours of honesty. Why can't you read my lips when I say "I need to hear this from you?" Why should you have to wonder "Can anybody else hear me in this skin?" We fear that we can't touch, fight what we can't see, and never search for another way. I deserved all of this. It's hard to catch with porcelain arms, but lock and key, we're stronger by the day.
Track Name: Parrhesia - I'm Keeping My Blood In My Freezer...With My Money!
Mathematical delusions, speaking in primes, colossal candid from fictitious fears. He's a cunning linguist, vague and useless. Never trust a man who lives by one book. We're stuck in a whirlwind of shit.
Track Name: Parrhesia - I'm One Hungover Cryogenicist
Persuaded by numbers, a traitor to the crux. The stainless now tarnished and faded. Formulated mass production. Commercialized name rather than worth. The over-abundance of corroded breath. Vitality lost, the killer of culture.