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by Ezra Joyce/Pianos Become The Teeth

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released April 1, 2009


tags: punk Boston


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BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Ezra Joyce - Holmes And Chicago
It's all about all those I couldn't remember. I roamed about this world seeking for whom I could destroy. I once had a feeling that someone was watching over my shoulder. I couldn't handle it, just as expected. I watched my house expand in from out as shades of gray grew darker and darker. Everything was so much brighter then, way back when. Did it ever matter? What are we? When will be be who we want to be?
Track Name: Ezra Joyce - The Depletion Of Suns
The sun will never illuminate the skies again. It asks "Why are you always in the shade while I shine for you?" I have taken for granted all of these times, all of these wasted moments. Watch as I shine for you. We contort our backs to see what we have set astray. Then we lose what was once tangible to us. I am tired of planting my faith into you. Learn not to be afraid, you have failed me, holy ghost.
Track Name: Pianos Become The Teeth - Creatures Of Habit
It's always that one time, the worse was so much bigger than the better. Idle minds wasted on running water that won't flow, just fall. A peace of mind removed, we accept only the things we think we deserve. The two headed fighting ourselves for food in the back of the minnows throats, searching for length chiggers, wretched things, phones that work one way, chiggers, wretched things, all front, no back. Do you remember when this used to mean something? Sunlight brings with it an uneasiness we cannot escape. Stay burning, stay crossed, stay straight, fight harder. I'm not saint, but please, if you know speak. One would could paint a thousand pictures. The setting wrong yet the colors so brilliant. Brush strokes drawn by an amateur's hand. We'll let the paint dry before they can change it. We'll let the paint dry before we can change it. Just let the paint dry. Oh god if the only way we'll ever know what it's like to be love is to steal for ourselves, then thieves we will be. Can't get out, only in. How can I teach? I see his eyes afraid, keeping everything blind and dark but somehow he can still watch me read. Forget the hits, remember the misses. Tongues held, time passing, keeping ears for the negative. I fell in love with a dimple, but not the whole face. If we get better with age, why live now? We were both so very clever. Can you really break a promise you never intended to keep? What if we could only think out loud?