Split 7​-​Inch

by Beau Navire/Suffix

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released May 1, 2011


tags: punk Boston


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BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Suffix - Post Rock Is For Lovers
A new beginning, ends with loss. Clarification through distance, they say. Getting too comfortable, the chemicals prevail. "Never mistaken flight for victory." Too stagnant, living through nothing together. what if, waiting, or in the making. Step up, homesick for a home I never had. Homesick for a heart I never owned. Inconsistencies in your chest were a craft I should of known. Solitude is just, it's just alone. Feeling numb is better than what you'd think. And I swear, once I'm on my own, I'll never do this again.
Track Name: Suffix - Get Pitted
Flailing down to last inches. Does it get better or does it get worse? It's not how I pictured it. I know the easy way out, but I lack the courage, yeah, I lack the steady hands. My shell is cracking. I don't want the mending. Wipe my slate clean. I want vs. I need. And where's that S.O.S. you promised? the edge of this landscape has crumbled. When the cliffs give in, erosion takes place, and that's when the snow will take me away. Take this heart, wrap it tightly. Take this cliche and hold it high. I guess winter never dismantles. Yeah, I guess it never really dismantles. Staying young was never supposed to be this hard. Neoteny is failing.
Track Name: Beau Navire - Space Heaters
Tethered together and desperately trying to keep each other warm this these daisy-chained hearts.
Track Name: Beau Navire - Scattered Trails
My face has taken many shapes in this life. My heart has followed the pattern. It's all tattered and torn, waiting to be mended.
Track Name: Beau Navire - Sanctus Locus
Can I ask, just one more time, how you found this sacred place within my soul? Here we find ourselves again questioning the very core of our existence. For now we will say that none of it matters, as long as we cherish these moments forever. Through hardship and heartache. Friends till the end.