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released June 7, 2010


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Te Lloraría un Puto Río - Canción de Amor sin Título
Este es mi corazón aplastado cantando para tí
Encogida sobre de mí
Me besas y me abrazas...
Sueña profundo, querida, no hay algo mas bello que tu ser
La conexión de la pureza entre tu y yo va más alla
Entre oraciones yuxtapuestas lo unico que veo es tu nombre
Nunca podré olvidarte
Mantendré mi amor solo para ti
Yo quiero que tengas mi amor para toda la eternidad
Abrazame fuerte para que nada nos aparte
Hey, tiéntame, tiéntame y déjame ver lo vacio de tu cuerpo sin él
Te Amo, Mi Amor...
Track Name: Te Lloraría un Puto Río - Perros y Abejas
Hoy es luna llena,
Mis alas desesperadas colgando del horizonte
Tu sonrisa, es un souvenir patético
La mirada que solo tenias cuando nos recostabamos,
Simplemente eres lo mas preciado en mi vida
Un monumento torcido, olvidado
No es cuestión de fe, ni de ánimos seguros.
Si se tirarme a llorar, desconsolado
Nunca llegué a decirte Te amo
Tu nunca me amaste,sólo una noche más solitaria que la anterior
Siempre espere a que escribiaran tu nombre junto al mío
Track Name: Carrion Spring - Red Beard Rides Again
Rustled from his slumber with bloodshot eyes
to the whir of vengeance
and human sty.
It tears apart the capillary of this town and a home
his will exhausted and his regrets in toe.
His soiled finger seeks the source of this festered sore.
Crush the earth pave the way
Twist her limbs into planks
Build them prisons of vinyl and slate
Herd them, sheer them, sell them, and reap them
He left them.
I watch his fury unfold with every
inch he treads along the roads
Town after town and time after time
he has failed to find a home.
And it sets in, all these shards of hope
that have worn him down
The children, the vandals, have no remorse for him.
As he cowers all alone, he never saw it come
and crush his skull into the stone
Rest his soul within an asphalt tomb
Unrested soul
for the relic shall ride on.
Track Name: The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - La Deux Part Un
For the last time
in the mirror
you won't see anything
take a fucking look

at yourself in the mirror for once

take a fucking look

you're not in Las Vegas
you're not in Las Vegas!
Track Name: The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - La Deux Part Deux
hello new friend, please tell us your name
(and) feed us, give us something to drink.

we dont need your stage

give us some gasoline
good bye good bye

Can we sleep at your place?
Track Name: Beau Navire - These Waves/Ship To Shore/Instrumental
These Waves.
Frail bridges collapse, fall under the waves.
Live in cities full of hatred, and as the clouds hangover my eyes begin to water.
With joy, with hatred.
This world is a wasteland but the end is near for us.
The world is a wasteland but we will soon fall under the waves.

Ship To Shore.
I've been staring at the sun
with a thousand yard midas stare
swear to god gold
good as gold

i've been staring at the sea
with the ocean floor looking back at me
i dream true blue
die trying blue

camera lucida
take a picture
sink with the ship
and you'll last forever
My Hero, The Diver.