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by Oh! Apollo/Lost In Bazaar

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released May 1, 2010


tags: punk Boston


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BEAR Records Boston, Massachusetts

Not for profit DIY record label and distro or something like that.

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Track Name: Oh, Apollo! - ...We Never Lost It
We fought so long and so hard, but it's time to let this thing die. When I was a young man at the top of the world (with my eyes wide shut) I never thought that I could feel so empty. An I still don't sleep that well at night, but this itch in the morning makes me wake to fight the fight. Your anxieties and your anger, just puts me in my place, these anxieties and this lair, just says that I'll be holding my head up high. All these years of breathing and people telling me the breathe. Well I've been breathing nineteen years and where the fuck has that got me? If all this was dead and all this was gone, could I make it alone just this once? Just this one time. We never lost it (after all).
Track Name: Oh, Apollo! - Christopher Robin
Save your words, they're from a generation past, Now I'm trapped in a place I don't want to be. Be so sure that I can remain to your truth. He says you work till you live and you learn till you die, but I can tell by the glaze in your eyes that your youth will soon be fleeing you. And you once said life is but a dream, it's just in your head and you can change it in a matter of blinds, live it as if you were there. This is my decree I'll up to what I said, this is my decree, I don't ever want to grow up, I want to live my life as this kid. And when I said I'd never grow up I'm sure I meant it. This life and these problems mean nothing if you can't solve them (save face to make grace, I can't help my back from breaking)
Track Name: Oh, Apollo! - Until I Say Go
I hold my fist tight, cause I know this won't be the rest of my life. But oh how hard I tried. And I miss you, and I can't move on with these things without you. It takes away from all daily cuts. Remember waiting in the back of my house to start it? And we'd go all in for it. This band was never a trail, honest, I tried. I close my fist tight, cause I know this won't be the rest of my life. But oh hard how hard I tried. And I miss you, and I need to make it through the mourning , to catch my breath again. Distance is taking away from these friendships, on and on. Now and always, forever.
Track Name: Lost In Bazaar - Portent
This is a portent.
This is chaos.

Gaps are not filled.
Shapes are not formed.

What you send is not what I receive.
Words are distorting the channels of comprehension.

Gaps are not filled.
shapes are not formed.
Counterparts are melting in freezing cold.
Track Name: Lost In Bazaar - Eastern Journey Of Louise
When the time comes I won't be there for you. Only thing I'll do is to spit on your grave.
Track Name: Lost In Bazaar - Floating In Space
We have to carry the burden that's put on our shoulders. We have to cope with the inequity of existence.

All we are is mass floating in space heavy in our armours light when dead.

Why do we want to deal with this all?
What do we want to see?
What do we want to know?

All we want to do is to fill the hole inside. Who the hell make us think that we got one? Who the hell put this burden on shoulders? Why do we want it equally? What do we want to know?